Tracking Code Base Over Time With NDepend

Recently I started out exploring NDepend. After looking into the basic stuff I wanted to explore the comparison features. Being able to report on how the quality of your code base changes over time would be very nice. Luckily, NDepend lets you do this very easily.

Let us assume you have already set up an NDepend project and finished your first analysis. I included not only the assemblies I wanted to be analyzed but also added a dotCover code coverage report (thus being able to track code coverage as well). Under Project Properties you choose the analysis result as Baseline for Comparison:


Once you have done that you sit back and wait for your code base to change. I waited a few days and luckily it did! I re-built the assemblies (which are referenced in the NDepend project so I did not re-include them) and also created another code coverage report. After that you just run a new analysis and the dashboard, in addition to giving you a brief overview of the analysis, now shows some interesting details about what changes have taken place:


In my case it informed me about:

  • increased number of lines of code, namespaces, types, methods etc.
  • a slight increase in average method complexity
  • about a decreased code coverage (I have more lines of code covered now but more uncovered lines of code were also added)
  • new rule violations

When I looked at the rule violation results there was an interesting category named API Breaking Changes. It informed me about possible problems because some public interfaces had been changed. It marked them as critical which I do not think they are (still have to find some way of ignoring certain rules). If you develop a closed product and you are analyzing all there is to it, it should not pose a problem. Would I be developing a framework that others are using, then I can see the point. NDepend has no way of knowing. But there were also some rules in there which were clearer like the one checking for changes to serializable types.

So the comparison feature is really nice. I guess if you do this analysis frequently and observe the results over time, NDepend can give you both

  • a meaningful and quick impression of your code base changes to the better or worse as well as
  • tools to find out more about the areas where the problems grew or shrank that are important to you.

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